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Topless activist Brianna Locke poses for a television news report during a demonstration in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire (REUTERS/Brian Snyder)

GoTopless Day

Women across the globe parade shirtless in campaign for ‘equal topless rights’

By WITW Staff on August 29, 2016

Women across the country took off their shirts on Sunday for GoTopless Day, an annual tradition that seeks to normalize, and legalize, women’s rights to show their breasts in public. The tradition has been practiced every year since 2009 on the Sunday closest to Women’s Equality Day — which commemorates the day women won the right to vote.

In the neighborhood of Venice in Los Angeles, around 50 women and men, one carrying a sign that read, “My Body Is Not A Crime,” paraded topless behind a giant inflatable pink breast inscribed with the phrase “equal topless rights.” In New York, a few dozen women and some men walked topless down Broadway. Similar gatherings occurred in New Hampshire, Denver, and other cities across the globe.

Kia Sinclair, an event organizer for GoTopless Day at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire, said she hoped the events helped acclimate people to seeing women’s breasts. “It’s in hopes to show people that it can be normal, that it’s really not a big deal and it’s not about getting attention or protesting,” she explained. Sinclair and others also helped defeat an effort to criminalize toplessness in the state last year.

“This push for women to go topless in the 21st century is as strong as women wanting to vote in the 20th century,” said the president of GoTopless, Nadine Gray. “It may be sensual, but it’s not illegal to be sensual.”

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