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Local men visited Le Cenacle to protest the chef's Islamophobic comments (Twitter)


Video shows French chef refusing to serve Muslim women because they are ‘terrorists’

August 29, 2016

Further controversy over the status of Muslims in France has erupted on social media following the emergence of a video that appeared to show a chef refusing service to two Muslim women in his restaurant, because, he told the women, all Muslims are “terrorists.” The incident is alleged to have taken place at Le Cenacle restaurant in Tremblay-en-France, a commune in the northeastern suburbs of Paris.

The video begins in the midst of the confrontation, as one of the women tells the chef that they “don’t wish to be served by racists.” The chef responds by showing the women the finger and saying, “racists don’t plant bombs.” When one of the women asks the chef if he believes that they have planted bombs, he tells her, “Terrorists are Muslims, and all Muslims are terrorists. This sentence says it all, analyze it, voilà … People like you, I don’t want them here.” After suffering additional verbal abuse, the women, one of whom appears in the video wearing a headscarf, agreed to leave.

A group of young Muslims were reported to have gathered outside the restaurant where the incident took place to ask the chef to explain himself. The chef allegedly apologized to the crowd, saying that one of his friends had been killed in the attack on the Bataclan last November. The French minister for families, children and women’s rights, Laurence Rossignol, announced in a post on Twitter that the incident would be investigated and that sanctions could be imposed on the restauranter for his “intolerable behavior.”

Muslims on social media have cited the incident as the latest demonstration of their “second-class” status in France. Marwan Muhammed, the director of the Committee against Islamophobia in France, announced that the committee would bring “psychological and legal assistance to the woman.” Commenting via Twitter, Muhammed said that for him the worst part of the video was the “indifference” of all the other restaurant-goers who ignored the incident as it took place.

Watch the video below:

Read the full story at Al Jazeera.


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