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Teenage fugitive’s polite request to TV station goes viral

Amy Sharp (Facebook)

A teenager in Australia has become something of a folk hero after she escaped from police custody last week, and then politely offered a more flattering photo than the mug shots police supplied for a local TV news station to use in its coverage of the story. Amy Sharp, 18, had managed to flee police after she’d been arrested, reportedly for “property offenses,” in Sydney. Authorities there didn’t consider Sharp a major threat to the public, but they did want her back in custody, so they distributed mug shots to local media showing Sharp with a downtrodden expression on her face and a red blanket draped over her shoulders. One local news station posted the mug shot on it’s Facebook page along with the story.

The photos caught at least one person’s attention. Sharp then left a comment — from her personal Facebook page — on the TV station’s post, saying, “can you use this photo, please and thank you 😇” and attached a much more pleasant photo of herself, complete with a perfect smile.

The TV station didn’t repost the story with a new image, but Facebook users ate it up. Her comment has accumulated more than 62,000 likes since then. Oh, and by the way, within about 48 hours, police nabbed her and charged her with escaping lawful custody in addition to the charges she already faced.

Read the full story at CNN.


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