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'Absurd & offensive'

Hockey player escapes sexual assault charges because victims had ‘gigantic breasts’

By WITW Staff on August 26, 2016

A professional hockey player in Sweden was charged with having put his arms around two women in a nightclub and groping their breasts, but police dropped sexual assault charges after the investigator in the case said the women’s breasts were so “gigantic” that it would be impossible to prove the hockey player didn’t touch them accidentally.

“With regard to the sexual molestation, they were standing at a bar table and he comes along drunk and drapes his arms around both of them from behind, and then he just happens to touch one of their breasts,” said investigator Mikael Lundberg. “And it should be noted they had gigantic breasts. It wasn’t hard to brush up against them. If you’re drunk and drape yourself over someone, well, you can understand how it might have happened.”

Describing the situation as “absurd and incredibly offensive,” Swedish prosecutor Sven-Erik Alhem said that although Sweden had done much to eliminate sexism from the legal system, antiquated attitudes such as Lundberg’s were once common. “In the nineties, this kind of thing still happened a lot, even officially, where for example the shortness of a skirt was taken into account,” Alhem said. Alhem suggested that the women appeal the “completely illegitimate” decision.

Joakim Gustafsson, the managing director for the hockey player’s club, said that the player, who hasn’t been publicly identified, would remain suspended from the team for going “way over the line of what’s acceptable.”

“If we’re going to be a club for everybody,” said Gustafsson, “we need to keep working to counteract macho culture and become more welcoming.”

Read the full story at The Independent.


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