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Teenager alleged to have raped 11-month-old girl in India

August 23, 2016

In Agra, India, an 11-month-old girl was allegedly raped by a teenager who lived next door. According to a local resident, the teenager “went to the victim’s home and asked her parents to allow him to play with the infant, [saying] that he had a toy for her.” The 16-year-old then took the infant into his home across the street from the victim’s and had “unnatural sex” with the baby. At the sound of the infant’s screams, the child’s parents rushed into their neighbor’s house, according to reports. The teenager then fled the scene.

Police said that the infant had been sent for medical examination and that the accused teenager would face charges under sections of the law dealing with “unnatural offenses” and sexual offenses committed against a child. The teenager has yet to be arrested, but the village panchayat — a form of local council — has declared the accused, and his entire family, outcast. A local trader, Ragvinder Soni, said that the panchayat had forbidden anyone from selling or offering “any item to the family of the accused.” The news is just the latest turn in a troubling narrative to emerge from India surrounding rape. Last month, a report revealed that demand for gang rape videos has skyrocketed recently in Uttar Pradesh, with men there buying them for as little as 75 cents.

Read the full story at Times of India.


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