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Speaking directly to millennials, Hillary Clinton pledges to fight for the rights of young women

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Hillary Clinton has made an impassioned pitch to millennial women in an editorial for Refinery29, telling young women that she sees their struggle and reminding them that “the issues we’re fighting for in this campaign — from alleviating student loan debt, to preserving access to Planned Parenthood and abortion services, to fighting for equal pay and paid leave – are not theoretical.”

In the editorial, Clinton described encounters with young women such as Chrissy Chambers, who makes up half of famed Youtube “singing duo/lesbian couple” BriaAndChrissy. In 2009, when she was 18, Chambers ex-boyfriend secretly taped himself sexually assaulting her and then distributed the videos online. Chambers petitioned Congress to strengthen laws against revenge porn, garnering nearly 200,000 on Change.org. Clinton praised Chambers for her courage, noting that the Congresswoman she petitioned, Rep. Jackie Speier, has now introduced a bill that would criminalize revenge porn and better protect women’s privacy.

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Clinton also detailed her own experience as a young woman fresh out of Wellesley College, when her friend and mentor, Marian Wright Edelman, the civil rights activist who founded the Children’s Defense Fund, sent her to Dothan, Alabama, to pose as a white parent seeking to enroll her children in a “segregation academy.” Clinton managed to expose the Alabama school for illegally denying African-American children entry, writing that the experience taught her not to “watch injustice unfold when I could do something about it instead.”

Clinton concludes her pitch by saying she wants young women to know that she “sees” them. “I see you making the drive to a clinic 200 miles away,” Clinton writes. “I see you dropping your daughter off at daycare so you can make it to class on time. I see you making the case to your boss for a long-overdue raise, even though you may worry about speaking up for what you deserve.” Clinton says she wants to make things easier for women — “just because [women] can and do wage these fights,” she notes, “doesn’t mean [they] should have to.”

Read the full story at Refinery29.


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