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Miracle in the sky

Photo of woman who gave birth at 36,000 feet goes viral

By WITW Staff on August 18, 2016

A poignant photo of a woman bathed in sunlight as she sat in the window seat of an airplane and cradled her newborn girl, to whom she had just given birth, has melted hearts all around the internet. Missy Berberabe Umandal, a 20-year-old passenger from the Philippines who was sitting a few seats away and witnessed the entire delivery, snapped the photo and posted it on her Facebook page. Her wry post began, “Had the most ‘NORMAL’ flight ever with Cebu Pacific Air. A woman near our seat gave birth to a healthy baby girl, on our flight from Dubai back to PH.” In an update to the post, Umandal said she’d never intended for the image to go viral, adding that she posted about the rare occurrence “purely because I find it very inspiring.”

The woman who gave birth was reportedly 32 weeks pregnant. When she began having contractions about four hours into the flight, and it was apparent she had gone into in labor, the flight crew and two nurses who happened to be on board sprang into action and helped safely deliver the little bundle of joy. The plane made an emergency landing in India as a precaution to ensure the health of the mother and the newborn.

“It was such [a] heartening moment,” Umandal told ABC News of the feeling in the cabin during the delivery. “Mothers don’t get as much credit as they do, and that mother who gave birth on a plane was truly a wonder[ful] woman.” The crew members who took part in the delivery were equally as moved. “Throughout my 11 years of flying, this is certainly the most special [moment],” one crew member reportedly said. “Our team was calm and collected and did what they were trained to do to help.”

Meanwhile, the mother has declined interview requests, but revealed that the baby was named Haven. The airline, Cebu Pacific Air, also commemorated the occasion with a Facebook post welcoming Haven to the world and by issuing her 1 million frequent flyer miles.

Posted by Cebu Pacific Air on Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Read the full story at ABC News.


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