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Kellyanne Conway has been promoted to campaign manager in an effort by Donald Trump to right his faltering campaign. (Stephen Crowley/The New York Times)


Donald Trump hires woman to be his new campaign manager

August 17, 2016

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday announced a major shakeup to his campaign staff in a bid to turn around his flailing campaign. One area in which is campaign has been severely struggling is with women voters. Trump’s recent inability to answer a softball question focused on women left the reporter who asked it stunned. And that’s just the candidate’s latest stumble in trying to appeal to women voters. Perhaps in a desperate attempt to reverse that deficit, Trump announced that he’s hired a woman to be his new campaign manager. Kellyanne Conway, a pollster who less than a month ago was brought on by the Trump campaign to help with the Herculean task of addressing the candidate’s women problem, was promoted to campaign manager.

Conway is reportedly well-liked by Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, who hold great sway over Trump’s decision-making. According to anonymous sources cited by The Washington Post, Conway has ideas for how Trump can better reach more women and suburban voters and after she pitched the ideas, Trump pow-wowed with his daughter and Kushner and reportedly made the decision to promote Conway on Sunday, along with bringing Stephen Bannon, a top executive at the conservative outlet Breitbart News, on as the campaign CEO. The move was largely seen as a demotion for Paul Manafort, the campaign chairman who replaced Trump’s previous and controversial campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Conway has known Trump for about 10 years and turned down a job offer from him to work on the campaign last year, instead joining Ted Cruz’s campaign. After Cruz ended his campaign earlier this year, Trump got in touch again and Conway agreed to join his campaign. On Trump’s problems with appealing to women voters, Conway recently downplayed the issue, saying, “Women look at the full measure of the man, not just one comment.”

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