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1st woman attorney general of Pennsylvania utters just 5 words after guilty verdict

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane at the Montgomery County Courthouse during her perjury and obstruction trial in Norristown, Pa., Aug. 15, 2016. (Jessica Griffin/Pool via The New York Times)

In a bombshell verdict on Monday, a Pennsylvania jury convicted Kathleen Kane, the first woman and first Democrat ever elected attorney general in the state, of perjury, obstruction of justice and abuse of power charges. Kane was found guilty of all nine charges brought against her, and while her lawyer vowed to appeal the decision, he admitted the outcome was “a crushing blow.” Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf called for her immediate resignation following the verdict. Kane announced her resignation on Tuesday afternoon.

Just four years ago, Kane had won the election as the state’s top prosecutor in a landslide victory — her very first run for elective office. She was a rising political star, but authorities said she eventually leaked a slew of sexually graphic and racially-charged emails her office discovered to the media in a bid to exact revenge on a political rival. The prosecutors argued that she lied about having done so while under oath and obstructed justice. Jurors agreed with the case prosecutors brought and after about four-and-a-half hours of deliberations, handed down the verdict. The saga captivated and outraged many in the Keystone State, and included an unusual gender discrimination case brought against Kane — by her own twin sister.

Kane made just one remark in court following the verdict.  Montgomery County Court Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy told Kane she would be freed on her own recognizance until her sentencing, but that she’d be jailed immediately if she retaliated against witnesses who testified against her during the trial.

“Is that clear, Ms. Kane?” Demchick-Alloy asked.

“Yes it is, your honor,” Kane responded.

Kane faces a maximum prison sentence of 28 years.

Read the full story at The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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