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Video shows extraordinary “en caul birth” of baby born in amniotic sac

Screen shot from a video posted on Facebook of a rare phenomenon known as an "en caul birth".

A mother giving birth to a baby still inside its unbroken amniotic sac — the fluid-filled pouch that normally bursts and causes a woman’s “water to break” — was caught on video and posted to Facebook by a nurse in the delivery room for the rare event. The video was shot at a hospital in Barretos, Brazil, about 500 miles west of Rio de Janeiro. It shows the newborn alive and well inside the sac as it is delivered and nurses poke and prod at it without breaking it.

“Look what I had the honour of filming in my dear Santa House Mercy,” the nurse, Gih Flor de Lis, wrote, explaining that the newborn was actually one of a set of twins, the first of whom was delivered vaginally.

“We were waiting to stabilize the first baby and the second came softly, in fact, look there that beautiful!!! Historic moment! !!!” she wrote in the post.

The medical community refers to babies born inside their amniotic sacs as an “en caul” birth, a rare occurrence that happens about 1 in 80,000 pregnancies, according to pregnancy.com.  Often, en caul births are premature births, and the sac serves as a layer of protection, according to the website. The nurse posted the video on August 6 and as of this writing it has amassed more than 350,000 views. Watch the footage below.

In other rare-birth news, a video of a mother giving birth in under a minute was captured by hospital security cameras in England and published by the U.K.’s Daily Mirror, showing mom Jessica Stubbins giving birth in the entrance to the hospital after rushing from her husband’s car in the parking lot.

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