India’s first same-sex romantic web series will debut this month


India’s web television boom is about to get even more progressive as the first web series to depict a same-sex love story is set to debut. The ‘Other’ Love Story will focus on a same-sex relationship between two girls, director Roopa Rao announced this week. Rao said that the show would appeal to fans of romance, 1990s TV shows, or anyone who wants to learn something new or see something they may have experienced themselves.

“A love story like this has not been captured in Indian cinema so far, trust me when I say it cause I breathe cinema, cinema is the only constant love affair of my life and a marriage I am fighting to keep up,” Rao told ANI.

The series will be set in the 1990s in an urban Indian city before the influence of modern technology in our everyday lives, she said. She hopes the show will help erode the taboo of same sex relationships.

The show will run 12 episodes and will debut this month, but Rao has released a teaser clip:


Read the full story at The India Times.

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