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Convict gets surprise after slinging profane insult at judge who was sentencing him

Judge Patricia Lynch (Twitter).

A foul-mouthed convict in the U.K. has a history of dishing out profane, hateful and often racist insults at innocent people. Indeed, 50-year-old John Hennigan has amassed a rap sheet that would be impressive were it not so downright offensive. He’s racked up 23 convictions for an astounding 47 different offenses. In 2012, Hennigan was accused of making Nazi salutes while showering black people with racial epithets. On Wednesday, in a U.K. courtroom, he ran into the wrong judge.

Hennigan was in court after being convicted of racially abusing a young black mother in his hometown, Harlow, and then violating the terms of his parole agreement, which prohibits him from using racist language in public. According to the evidence presented in the case, he told the victim, Tanisha Ford, “I don’t agree with interracial relationships, I like natural.” He added, “I prefer white children.”

So, you see the pattern that has developed with Hennigan. He just can’t keep his trap shut. And he continued that pattern at his sentencing hearing, where Judge Patricia Lynch slapped him with 18 months in prison for his latest offense. After learning his fate, Hennigan barked that Lynch is “a bit of a c*nt.” Lynch, unfazed by the gender-charged expletive, fired right back at Hennigan with a little dose of his own medicine. “You’re a bit of a c*nt yourself,” was the reply from the bench.

Lynch had a few more choice words for Hennigan, saying, “It’s said custody would be distressing for you but it seems you never learn. This is the ninth time you have breached this order, the same offensive, racist comments and you don’t deserve another chance.”

The lecture didn’t sink in, however, as Hennigan told Lynch to “Go f**k yourself.”  She replied, “You too,” and then Hennigan reportedly melted down and threw a temper tantrum before being dragged away.

Appropriately, Lynch has become a folk hero in England and pretty much everywhere the internet reaches after her tough talk to the foul-mouthed convict.

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