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Trump woke baby up from nap, but didn’t kick him out of rally, mother says

Devan Ebert. (YouTube)

One of the biggest controversies to erupt last week from the ever-combustible 2016 presidential race was a flap in which Republican nominee Donald Trump reportedly kicked a crying infant out of his rally in Virginia. That’s how many news media outlets (including Women in the World) reported the incident, however now the baby’s mother has spoken out and she said no such thing happened. Devan Ebert told Fox News that she thought Trump was joking and never took offense at anything he said. Ebert said she never even heard the comments that caused controversy because she’d already left with her infant, Vinny. She saw the news coverage later that day and said the whole thing was blown out of proportion. In fact, her little baby Vinny had been peacefully napping while at the rally. He didn’t wake up until Trump took the stage and began delivering his remarks. Then he started wailing, Ebert said. Watch the full interview below.

Read the full story at Fox News.


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