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Watch Hillary Clinton stoically tolerate 40 years of sexism

August 8, 2016

In a 3-minute supercut video that sweeps a span of four decades, The National Memo reveals the prejudice that Hillary Clinton has faced for nearly forty years. The video, which compiled snippets of sexist remarks, opens with a male interviewer telling Clinton that she seems like she’s “really not all that interested in state dinners and teas and garden parties.” As the video continues, decades pass, and Clinton can be seen escalating from First Lady (“Can a first lady be both popular and opinionated?”) to Senator to U.S. presidential candidate, but men and women continue to bombard her with eerily similar questions. In a 2008 comment that might be said on TV today, Marc Rudov shamelessly mansplained: “Men won’t vote for Hillary Clinton because she reminds them of their nagging wives.” It ends with a fierce statement from Clinton in 1992, that could also be used to respond to questions the Democratic presidential nominee receives today. After all these years, has America changed its views of her at all?  Let’s hope we don’t see an extended version of this video in the future.

Read the full story at The Huffington Post.


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