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Amanda Knox compares moving in with boyfriend to her time in an Italian prison

Amanda Knox (R) and her boyfriend Christopher Robinson. (Facebook/Christopher Robinson)

Amanda Knox, whose ordeal through the Italian courts system was chronicled by the international media from 2007 until last year, has penned a piece for the The West Seattle Herald, in which she mused on how moving in with her boyfriend Christopher Robinson reminds her of her time in Capanne prison. Knox spent almost four years in an Italian prison following the 2007 murder of British exchange student Meredith Kercher, who shared her Perugia apartment, before being definitively acquitted by Italy’s highest court.

“I’m excited to discover what our shared space will be like, because just as our relationship is more than the sum of Chris and Amanda, so must our home be more than the sum of our stuff,” she wrote, before plunging the reader back into her storied past.

“I’m reminded of how my cell in Capanne prison transformed in character with the arrival or release of even just one prisoner. While none of us was allowed much in the way of material possessions, our combined emotional baggage, when bashed together without consideration, could make an already inescapable situation insufferable, even dangerous.”

Until recently, she added, life had been a rollercoaster of “unresolved legal drama” and recovery from trauma. “For better or for worse, I haven’t felt like any-other-person-my-age for a long time.”

Now, the former prisoner-turned-writer says she relishes normality.

“It may still be the case that, when I call Puget Sound Energy to set up a new utility account, I’m reminded that I’m “That girl in Italy?! That Amanda Knox?!” Yeah, I’m her. I’m also the Amanda Knox who is so excited to be living my life alongside people I love and respect, lugging furniture, scooping cat poop, paying the bills, moving on.”

Read the full story at The West Seattle Herald.


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