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Civil rights

Muslim woman kicked out of dollar store for wearing niqab

By WITW Staff on August 4, 2016

A Muslim woman in Indiana said she was kicked out of Family Dollar store for wearing a niqab on Monday afternoon when she stopped in to pick up charcoal for a family barbecue. Sarah Muzdaher Safi was shopping with her children when an employee allegedly told her to either take off the face-covering veil or leave. A video from the store captures the conversation, in which a female store manager can be heard telling Safi, “Yes ma’am, if you can’t remove that from your face, I’m going to need you to leave the store.”

Safi told the clerk that she was wearing a religious garment, and the manager replied that the store was in a high-crime area with many robberies, and reiterated that she would either have to take it off or leave. She then told her to leave twice more and wished her a “blessed day.”

“I’ve worn my garments for a long time,” Safi said. “I have never been treated like this in any establishment. Ever.”

Safi said she would like the clerk to try and understand her and her beliefs, and she would like to better understand the clerk. Ahmed Rehab, with the Council on American Islamic Relations, said the clerk’s behavior violated civil rights laws as well as “basic laws of decency and morality that you don’t treat customers this way just because they have a different cultural background or a different religion.”

Read the full story at NBC.


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