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Four years worth of trash. (Trash is for Tossers -- Facebook)
Four years worth of trash. (Trash is for Tossers -- Facebook)

Zero waste

25-year-old sustainability expert can fit 4 years of trash into a mason jar

By WITW Staff on August 4, 2016

Twenty-five-year-old Lauren Singer, creator of the blog Trash is for Tossers and founder of The Simply Co., a line of sustainable cleaning products, says that her lifestyle changes have enabled her to fit all of her trash from the past four years into a single 16-ounce mason jar. As an environmental studies major, Singer said she looked into her refrigerator one day when she had a realization: “Every single thing in there was packaged in plastic,” said Singer. “I was like, ‘Wow, I’m just as bad.’ I was protesting against the oil and gas industry, but supporting them as a consumer.”

So Singer gradually began to change her lifestyle, avoiding products and packaging that cannot be recycled or composted. The transition away from plastic, however, was difficult — Singer said she found she couldn’t “buy her way out of using plastic,” and so she began to make some of her own products, which she also sells online. But according to Singer, a trash-free lifestyle is much easier to achieve, and cheaper to afford, than people realize. “I’m eating healthier, saving a ton of money, and I’ve become more of a minimalist,” said Singer. “I absolutely love this lifestyle. I see no future of living any other way.”

(Facebook/Trash for Tossers)
Lauren Singer … “I see no future of living any other way.” (Facebook/Trash is for Tossers)

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