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Hewlett Packard exec Meg Whitman dumps Trump, will vote Clinton

Meg Whitman. (Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images)

Meg Whitman, a high-ranking executive at Hewlett Packard and a prominent Republican fundraiser, said Tuesday she will not support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in the 2016 election and instead will vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. The announcement came hours after President Obama challenged Republicans to abandon Trump as their candidate, saying the GOP nominee is “unfit to serve” as president. “I will vote for Hillary, I will talk to my Republican friends about helping her, and I will donate to her campaign and try to raise money for her,” Whitman told The New York Times in an interview. Whitman added that she and Clinton disagree on many issues, but that she was willing “put country first before party” to ensure that Trump, whom she described as “a dishonest demagogue” does not reach the White House. “Time and again history has shown that when demagogues have gotten power or come close to getting power, it usually does not end well,” she added.

Whitman, the former CEO of eBay, spent $140 million in a failed 2010 bid for California governor and has very deep pockets of her own and strong ties to other elite Republican donors. She revealed to the Times that Clinton had reached out personally by phone about a month ago seeking her support. Whitman said she has no plans to change parties. In 2012, Whitman was a leading fundraiser for the Romney campaign and she held a top position in the campaign of one of Trump’s 2016 vanquished rivals — until he publicly backed Trump, at which point she blasted him for what she described as an “astonishing display of political opportunism.”

Read the full story at The New York Times.


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