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A female paradegoer winds up to throw a water balloon at the "Hillary for Prison" float as it mades its way through the streets of Acadia, Iowa, on Saturday, July 30, 2016. (Kyle Julin/Facebook)


3 men tow “Hillary for Prison” float in Iowa parade, sparking criticism

By WITW Staff on August 3, 2016

On Tuesday, we saw video of a foul-mouthed boy screaming “Take that bitch down!” at a Trump rally in Virginia when the Republican presidential nominee mentioned Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s name. On Wednesday, news emerged of a “Hillary for Prison” float that made an appearance over the weekend at a parade in Arcadia, Iowa — the latest in a string of over-the-top attacks some Americans are waging against the Democratic presidential nominee. According to reports, the float, which was fashioned into a makeshift prison cell and had a live impersonator wearing an orange jumpsuit and a rubber Hillary Clinton mask, was the brainchild of Kyle Julin of Manilla, Iowa, and two other local men, Josh Reetz and Adam Corky. The trio built the float together, and Corky played the part of Clinton. Photos of the float surfaced on the Facebook pages of the Carroll County, Iowa Republicans and Julin, one of the float’s creators. At least one photo appeared to show an older child or young adult winding up to throw a water balloon at “Clinton.”

The float was one of several to be marched in a parade celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Arcadia Fire Department on Saturday. Children on hand were encouraged to pelt “Clinton” with water balloons as the float was towed through the streets. Many children obliged, according to reports, including one boy who sported a “prideful smile” after hurling a balloon, according a local newspaper.

“Only one group booed us,” Julin reportedly said afterwards. “My consensus from that was 99 percent to 1 percent liked it.”

Actually, there were more people who were offended by the spectacle. “It is “not appropriate to be handing water balloons to little children and inviting them to throw them at such a display,” Tim Tracy, chairman of the Carroll County Democratic Central Committee, reportedly said. “I’m sure there are some that wondered, ‘Why is that lady in a cage? Why are they being mean? Why are they throwing water balloons at her?’” Others who witnessed the spectacle reportedly groaned as it went by. At least one woman reportedly complained that the float was disrespectful to women.

The float is yet another example of the sometimes misogynistic and often times downright vulgar attacks and insults Clinton critics unleash. And the attacks haven’t at all been limited to those on the fringe of the Republican party. “Lock her up!” was repeatedly chanted during the Republican National Convention last month. Chris Christie held a mock trial of Clinton during the convention that many said called to mind the Salem Witch Trials. Outside the event, all manner of bitch-themed paraphernalia maligning Clinton was available for sale alongside various signs that called for her imprisonment.

The phenomenon is hardly new. On Wednesday, The New York Times unveiled a video pieced together from footage shot over the last 13 months and depicting Trump supporters at rallies. The three-minute clip presents an uncensored chronicle of the hateful, bigoted and vulgar language many Trump supporters wantonly use in reference to President Obama, immigrants, Muslims, and other Trump adversaries. “Perhaps nothing draws more ire than mentions of Hillary Clinton,” a title card in the video declares. Indeed, all sorts of offensive taunts follow, including, “Hillary Clinton needs to get her ass spanked!” and threats of violence, like “Hang the bitch!” and “Kill her.” Watch the complete video below.

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It’s shocking what the first woman nominated for president of the United States by a major political must endure on a daily base — much of it simply because of her gender.

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