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Family of mother and daughter gang-raped in India ask to be allowed to execute culprits

Three persons were arrested by police in highway robbery and gang rape case produced at Bulandshahr court on August 1, 2016 in Bulandshahr, India. (Photo by Sakib Ali/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

In Bulandshahr, India, the family of a mother and 13-year-old girl who suffered gang rape are demanding that the government allow the victims to execute the criminals in public. The family’s car was attacked Saturday morning by a gang of men who robbed them, tied up the male members of the family, and then raped the mother and daughter for three hours. “Only we can understand how it feels when a woman and her daughter get beaten and raped in front of your eyes,” said the 13-year-old’s uncle on Monday. “I would request the government and judiciary to allow our women to shoot the culprit in public. This was a gruesome human rights’ violation. But people raise cries of human rights violation when rapists are hanged.”

The uncle has alleged that a police van drove past the spot where the rape was happening but didn’t bother to check, and that when he called the police helpline that the line was at first busy and then left unanswered for a long time. Calling the response “pathetic,” he said he ultimately contacted a relative in Noida and that, after some time, the local police called him back. Even then, he said, the officer talking to him continued to repeatedly ask questions instead of coming to the family’s rescue. “I even abused the cop out of frustration and told him to rescue us and understand the pathetic situation we were in,” the uncle said.

The local government has suspended seven policemen and set up a 300-member task force that arrested five suspects on Monday, three of whom the mother and daughter identified on Sunday. The uncle has said that there were 7 to 8 men involved in the assault. The mother, he added, remains in a state of mental and physical shock. The daughter, he said, “may not be able to attend her class for months now. She is severely traumatized and shattered.”

Read the full story at the Hindustan Times.


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