My Stealthy Freedom

Men in Iran post photos of themselves wearing hijabs in protest of strict laws governing women


Women in Iran have long protested laws that force them to cover their heads, but now men, too, are standing up in protest. Or rather, covering up in protest.

Masih Alinejad, an Iranian activist who runs the My Stealthy Freedom campaign from New York, asked men to participate in her social media hijab protest by using the #meninhijab hashtag and post the photos of themselves wearing headscarves. She has received 30 images from men so far.

“Most of these men are living inside Iran and they have witnessed how their female relatives have been suffering at the hands of the morality police and humiliation of enforced hijab,” she told The Independent.

Alinejad said it was important to invite men to support the women in Iran in their struggle for freedom. Of the photos she’s received, one man said that his female cousins laughed at him for wearing the hijab but that he wanted to show support for them because he loves and respects them.

“If only hijab were the only problem in our country, as the authorities would like us to believe,” he said. “It is as if they have hypnotised our brains with a black piece of cloth and they only want us to believe that hijab is the most important issue in our country.”

Read the full story at The Independent.


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