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Chelsea Clinton braves the spotlight to tell America about her “hero,” Hillary Clinton

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She was the first daughter once, growing up in the White House as her parents tried to shield her from public scrutiny, and she could be the first daughter once again, this time stepping into the spotlight to encourage America to vote for her mom, Hillary Clinton. Chelsea Clinton spoke glowingly of her mother at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night, ahead of her mother’s speech to formally accept the Democratic nomination. And though she spoke softly, and at times seemed to be made a bit nervous by the worldwide attention on her every word, Chelsea Clinton said that as Hillary’s daughter, she had “a front row seat to how she serves” and had witnessed her mother’s high and low points of her life.

“It was bruising and exhausting,” Chelsea Clinton said of her mother’s attempt to reform national health care during President Bill Clinton’s tenure in the White House. “She fought her heart out, and she lost … She took a little time to replenish her spirits. Family movie nights definitely helped – Dad, as you heard [on Tuesday], liked Police Academy; my mom and I loved Pride and Prejudice.”

“And then she got right back to work, because she thought she could still make a difference for kids,” she added.

Watch part of the speech here:

Chelsea listed her mother’s “progressive” positions, saying she would tackle climate change, gun violence, criminal justice, and fight for women’s and LGBT rights in the US and abroad, but her most compelling moments — as her father sat tearfully in the front row watching — were those that focused on the relationship between the two women, or as she put it moments before Hillary walked on stage, “my mother, my hero, and our next president: Hillary Clinton”.

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