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"I had cards made specifically for this week but I'm already running low, I've met so many amazing people," Gonzalez said.


Go behind the scenes at the DNC with Hillary Clinton’s youngest delegate

By WITW Staff on July 28, 2016

Rachel Gonzalez, 17,  is Chair of High School Democrats of Missouri and Hillary Clinton’s youngest delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention. “Over a year ago, I started a journey to ensure Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic presidential nominee, volunteering in Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri,” she wrote for Women in the World. “It was so important to me that Hillary received the nomination because I wanted to make sure that I could use my very first vote for her in the general election.”

View a slideshow of Rachel’s favorite moments at the DNC:

Day one of the convention delivered a pleasant surprise, when Rachel’s photo and story were posted on Hillary Clinton’s official Instagram account.


Gonzalez became intrigued by the political process after attending her first campaign rally — in Independence, Missouri –in January of 2008, when she was 9 years old. It was then that she decided she wanted to one day vote for Hillary Clinton in a presidential election — and began a countdown of over 3,000 days until she would turn 18 and could vote.

Hillary Clinton clinching the nomination was a very emotional moment for me,” Gonzalez told Women in the World. “I held up my Hillary sign with pride and cried joyfully.”

Gonzalez also met the oldest delegate from Ohio, 93-year-old Ruby Gilliam. “I couldn’t hold back from crying while meeting [her]. She told me that her husband passed away in WWII and she joined the Navy, although everyone said said she shouldn’t because she’s a woman.

“This is Ruby’s eighth convention and she says she is glad to live to see this moment. Ruby made me bawl when she grabbed my hand and told me she is now passing down the rein to me.”

"Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, of my home state, told me not to make this my only DNC convention," Rachel Gonzalez said. "I promised him it wouldn't be."
“Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, of my home state, told me not to make this my only DNC convention,” Rachel Gonzalez said. “I promised him it wouldn’t be.”

This story is being updated across the course of the Democratic National Convention.