‘Cow vigilantes’ who were caught on tape attacking Muslim women arrested in India

Hindu "cow vigilantes" have been caught on camera, beating and abusing two women thought to be smuggling beef. (YouTube/NDTV)

A day after a video showing a group of Indian “cow vigilantes” beating up two Muslim women made headlines around the world, four of the alleged vigilantes have been arrested in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The women, however, were also arrested, on suspicion of selling cow meat, which is banned in Madhya Pradesh, despite a preliminary test of the meat showing that it was likely buffalo meat.

Many Hindus consider cows sacred, and the beatings caught on video came amid a rise in Hindu extremism that seen a push for stricter laws and punishments against those who raise, sell, or eat meat. The cell phone video shot by a bystander showed members of an extremist Hindu group shouting “Hail holy cow” as they surround the women while nearby police look on. See the video below:

The home minister of Madhya Pradesh, Bhupendra Singh, told the BBC that the men would be punished, and anyone carrying beef would also be punished. The incident follows on the heels of another video that showed four Dalit men being stripped and beaten for skinning a dead cow.

Read the full story at the BBC.  

Video captures 2 women thrashed and abused by “cow vigilantes” in India

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