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(Photo by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images)

Making history

Hillary Clinton accepts Democratic nomination for President

By WITW Staff on July 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton cracked that glass ceiling on Tuesday night, becoming the first woman in history to accept the presidential nomination of a major political party. Delegates from across the country cast their votes on the floor of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, and at 6:39 p.m., South Dakota cast the 15 votes for Clinton that allowed her to officially clinch the nomination at 2,382 delegates. The room erupted into celebration, according to The New York Times.

“I’m so proud to be a Democrat tonight,” Vince Insalaco, the chairman of the Democratic Party of Arkansas, told the paper, “and so proud that we can call this woman one of our own.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s main rival in the Democratic primary, received 1,865 votes in the nominating process, and the Vermont senator joined the delegates of his home state during the vote and urged them to unify behind Clinton for the general election. A handful of Sanders supporters marched off in protest against Clinton’s nomination, while larger protests continued outside of the convention center. But inside, delegates and speakers turned their attention to how Clinton might finally shatter the ultimate glass ceiling in November, beating Republican nominee Donald Trump and becoming the first female president.

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