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Geraldine "Jerry" Emmett, 102, says she has admired Hillary Clinton for a long time. (Twitter)

"A shot in the arm"

102-year-old Jerry Emmett, born before women’s suffrage, votes to nominate Clinton

By WITW Staff on July 27, 2016

Geraldine “Jerry” Emmett, 102, can remember a time before women were entitled to vote — but on Tuesday, she helped nominate the first woman candidate for president from a major party, casting her vote for Hillary Clinton.

After Arizona cast their votes for Bernie, a thrilled Emmett announced: “And 51 votes for the next president of the United States of America, Hillary Rodham Clinton.”


“I’m strictly joined at the hip to Hillary Clinton, and I’ve admired her all of her life,” Emmett told the Phoenix News Times, who also reported on her “Hillary Room” at home — a spare room covered floor-to-ceiling in Democratic Party paraphernalia, with a strong Clinton slant.

“I surely didn’t plan to live past 100 years old,” she said of her renewed enthusiasm for campaigning. “When I did, and I saw all these things that were happening, it was like I had a shot in the arm.”

Emmett regards former president Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a quintessential democrat, saying his New Deal-era political philosophies are what she believes the U.S. should return to: “I see nothing wrong with taxes. If I pay five cents on a hundred dollars so that some kid can get food, I think that’s perfectly all right. And I think that’s a Democratic view.”

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