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From left: Andrew Bremberg; policy director at the Republican National Committee, Kellyanne Conway; president of The Polling Company, and Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) during a panel discussion with the American Conservative Union about Donald Trump’s stance on trade, on day two of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, July 19, 2016. (Stephen Crowley/The New York Times)

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Kellyanne Conway is the woman with the hardest job in the world right now

July 21, 2016

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has a major women problem. That’s been well-documented in the media. And it now appears that the Trump campaign is admitting it needs help repairing the candidate’s tattered image with women voters. To that end, a poor soul named Kellyanne Conway has been hired by the campaign to do what could seem impossible: Completely turn around Trump’s standing with women.

Some might be inclined to say, “Good luck with that!” given what recent polls have shown. But Conway, a 49-year-old Republican who runs a consultancy called The Polling Company, is upbeat about the Herculean task. She explained to The Washington Post that she uses the same strategy she deploys with her 11-year-old daughter, Claudia, to deal with the man seeking the country’s highest office. Her philosophy works like this: instead of issuing commands to Trump, she gives him a range of satisfactory options for how to respond to given scenarios. She’s been tight-lipped about the specific types of options she presented him with, but says the results were noticeable in how he’s responded to recent tragedies like the fatal police shootings of two black men, versus how he responded to the Orlando shooting last month. “This is a time, perhaps more than ever for strong leadership, love and compassion,” Trump said about the killings.

Conway said she’s known Trump for about a decade and that she initially turned down a job offer from him last year, joining a Ted Cruz super PAC instead. But when Cruz dropped out of the 2016 race, Trump called again and she decided to join his team, saying his penchant for using offensive language to describe women didn’t deter her. She thinks that it won’t deter any more women than are already turned off by him.

“The more that people keep repeating the same insults, the more it invites him to very legitimately defend himself,” Conway said, adding, “Women look at the full measure of the man, not just one comment.”

Like her new boss, though, Conway is no stranger to controversy over comments she’s made in the past. The Washington Post pointed out two major uproars she caused in recent years. And, this is not the first time she’s worked for a notorious client. A former congressman she once advised made comments several years ago that were so reviled, he is completely out of national politics now.

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