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Michelle Van Etten (Facebook).


Woman speaking at RNC admits she doesn’t employ 100,000 people

By WITW Staff on July 20, 2016

Michelle Van Etten will take the stage at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland to deliver a speech in prime time on Wednesday night. She was personally invited by the Trump campaign to address the party a day before the presumptive nominee officially accepts the Republican nomination. After she “jumped at the chance” to make an appearance, she was touted on the official RNC schedule as a small business owner who “employs over 100,000 people and is a strong supporter of Donald Trump, knowing his policies will support businesses all across America.”

The only problem is, Van Etten doesn’t employ a single person, which she admitted in an interview with The Guardian, debunking yet another exaggeration apparently put forth by those connected to the Trump campaign.

Van Etten, 42, said she didn’t know who wrote the text for her bio blurb, but that due to the nature of her work, “I do not employ.” Not only does she not employee any workers, but she’s hardly a small business owner. She explained that she is an independent retailer of products supplied by Youngevity, a “multi-level marketing” corporation based in California that reportedly peddles a range of products — everything from nutritional supplements to jewelry to coffee. Van Etten said she’s currently earning money selling a womenswear line designed by Marisa Kenson and distributed by Youngevity.

As for where the 100,000 employees figure came from, it’s possible that number was gleaned from the network of sellers based in North America that Van Etten said she’s a part of. “Nobody works for me, because we are all individual contractors, and we all have our own individual businesses,” Van Etten said, declining to reveal how much money she earned over the last year. She did say her income was below $1 million, but said it was enough that she and her husband were able to quit their day jobs and home school their children.

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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