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Business consultant calls out man for trying to use LinkedIn “like Tinder”


A LinkedIn user has caused a storm online by posting a conversation she had over LinkedIn with a man who she says was trying to use the business social network “like Tinder.” Marketing and business consultant Abigail McAlpine said she received a message from another LinkedIn user saying only, “You are beautiful.” She responded by telling him, “This is a professional website, please act like a professional.” The man, however, would not go quietly. “A simple ‘thank you’ would have sufficed hunni,” wrote the LinkedIn user. “Be more nice. This is a nice website for nice people.”

McAlpine’s response was blistering. “You’re misinformed,” she wrote. “The LinkedIn mission statement is ‘To connect the world’s professionals’ … not ‘use it to message women the same you would on Tinder without the need to match them, because it’s irrelevant whether they want your attention or not, they should be thankful for your compliments on their looks on a professional website.'”

The conversation

The conversation

McAlpine posted a screenshot of the conversation online, condemning the pick-up artistry that she says has become “far too common” on the site. Responses to her post, which garnered more than 26,000 comments, were mixed. Some accused her of making up the story, and many took the chance to criticize her appearance. But McAlpine said she also heard “many people stating themselves, partners or children have been through similar things.”

Despite the wide range of insulting and disparaging replies to her post, McAlpine said that she still found the problems on LinkedIn to be more concerning. “Insults outside of LinkedIn won’t upset me,” she wrote. “LinkedIn is a professional platform, it’s different to Facebook where people feel they can say what they like without consequence. On LinkedIn you’re representing your employers or your company and you should act accordingly.”

Read the full story at The Telegraph.


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