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Gun control

NRA launches “women’s empowerment” ad that warns women will shoot rapists

By WITW Staff on July 14, 2016

A threatening new ad from the National Rifle Association attempting to connect female empowerment with gun ownership features conservative talk show host Dana Loesch warning rapists, domestic abusers, criminal thugs, and monsters that their life expectancies just got shorter as women have begun buying more guns. Real empowerment, she says, is what happens when women buy guns to protect themselves and their families.

“Maybe you’ve heard the stories about millions of us flocking to gun ranges and gun stores for the first time, the second time, and the hundredth time. Here’s what that means for despicable cowards like you: Your life expectancy just got shorter,” Loesch says in the “Freedom’s Safest Place” ad.



The ad, however, has drawn criticism for transferring responsibility for assault to the victim and for mischaracterizing assault and domestic abuse.

“As activists have hammered home again and again, most victims of sexual violence (three out of four) are attacked by someone they know, be it a significant other, a spouse, a relative, or a family friend — someone they’d harbor far more compunction about shooting on sight,” Claire Landsbaum writes at New York magazine.

Read the full story at New York magazine.


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