Watch as 76-year-old woman takes on man half her age at ancient martial art

Meenakshiamma has been practicing the ancient martial art Kalaripayattu for more than six decades.

In footage posted to Facebook, that soon went viral, a 76-year-old woman can be seen holding her own at the ancient Indian martial art of Kalaripayattu — against a male opponent half her age.

Meenakshiamma, from Vatakara, Kerala, can be seen energetically moving around the combat arena, deftly employing all the sport’s offensive and defensive postures, all the while wielding a long stick as she spars with her opponent. Delighted with her agility and remarkable expertise, the crowd cheers her on.

Meenakshiamma has been practicing the ancient art form for more than six decades, according to The Indian Express, and has trained hundreds of students — many of whom have gone on to become instructors, too.

Watch the video of Meenakshiamma in action:


Read the full story at The Daily Mail and The Indian Express.


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