No Pressure

Women trying to conceive need to be more “secretive” to not stress out their partners, experts say


According to fertility experts, women who are trying to become pregnant have to be more clever and “secretive” about their fertility window, in order not to give their partners performance anxiety. The comments were made during a panel at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in Helsinki, where one IVF specialist claimed that the “Excel spreadsheets” some couples use to track their sex lives could “lose the romance.” Another expert, Allan Pacey, professor of andrology at the University of Sheffield, claimed that couples with fertility problems should not adhere to lifestyle regimes that are too strict, banning alcohol completely for example, as this might leave them stressed and end up hurting their chances. Pacey’s own research, on 2,200 men, suggests that alcohol makes little difference to sperm quality. “He gets all wound up in the traffic on the way home, he bursts through the door and she’s on him like a panther,” he said. “It is just not conducive to healthy relationships.” The professor said women are “far more clever than that,” and advises them to be more sneaky about their plans. “Get him home. Curry on. Beer. Let him go through the motions of having his belly full, and then jump on him and you’ll get what you want and he won’t know any different.” He added, “There’s no problem with women using data if it helps them better plan things, but you don’t want to undo that benefit by sharing too much of that with him, and risk putting him off.”

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