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Susanna Blount (Twitter).
Susanna Blount (Twitter).

Teen spirit

One of Hillary Clinton’s youngest delegates isn’t even 18 years old yet

By WITW Staff on July 8, 2016

Meet Susanna Blount from Jackson, Mississippi. At 17 years old, she’s not even old enough to vote. But with her 18th birthday in late October, just weeks before Election Day, she will be ready and able to vote for Hillary Clinton. However, before she casts her ballot at the polls, Blount will be voting for Hillary Clinton as a delegate on the floor of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia later this month. Blount is believed to be the youngest Democratic delegate in the 2016 cycle, and she’ll be rubbing elbows with other more seasoned delegates, some of whom are members of U.S. Congress.

It’s fitting that Blount will make her official foray into federal politics by voting for Clinton at the convention because, eight years ago, it was Clinton’s presidential bid that really sparked her interest in government. She was naturally exposed to politics through her father, who’s a state senator, but Clinton opened her eyes to the possibilities for women. “Beyond supporting my dad, the first time I really had my own political opinions, and was for someone, was when Hillary ran in 2008,” Blount told The Clarion-Ledger in an interview. “I was excited about the prospect of the first woman president.” And as Clinton stands on the precipice of history, Blount is enthusiastic about playing a small role in what would be a monumental occasion. Indeed, she’s been gearing up for the moment since she registered to vote back in January and posted this excited message on Twitter:

“What better way to cast your first vote than for the person who got you interested in politics?” Blount said, adding that her admiration for Clinton runs deeper than the gender implications. Clinton, Blount said, has positions on gun control and college financing that resonate with her — and likely many other millennial and first-time voters.

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