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Diamond Reynolds (Facebook).

Fatal police shooting

Girlfriend of Philando Castile explains to reporters how cop’s deadly shooting unfolded

By WITW Staff on July 7, 2016

Diamond Reynolds expressed outrage and grief at the police officer who shot and killed her boyfriend, Philando Castile, during a traffic stop Wednesday in Minnesota. Reynolds spoke to reporters Thursday morning about the shooting, explaining that she and Castile were pulled over allegedly for a broken tail light. The officer told them to put their hands in the air, and they complied, she said. Castile was asked for his license and began to reach for it in his back pocket and said, “Officer, I have a firearm on me,” while Reynolds said she added, “he’s licensed to carry.” At that point, Reynolds said, the officer yelled “don’t move” and then opened fire. Castile was shot five times, she said, and died later from the gunshot wounds. She broadcast live video on Facebook of the moments just after Castile had been shot, footage that quickly went viral and has caused national outrage.

“How can you not move when you’re asked for a license and registration?” she said.

“He was not a bad man, he never did anything to hurt anyone, he was the quietest most laid back person you would ever meet,” she told news reporters. “Nothing in his body language said intimidation.”

A video posted to Facebook by a reporter at the press conference shows Reynolds answering reporters’ questions and recounting what happened.

What still astonishes me…..even after 12 hours of nonstop coverage…is how composed and collected Diamond Reynolds, the girlfriend of #PhilandoCastile, remained in the FB live video. Yes, she was emotional when we spoke to her this morning but she was able to maintain that same composure and express how angry, how furious, how devastated she is. This has to be the most emotional "interview" I've ever been a part of.

Posted by Melissa Colorado on Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Facebook video posted by Reynolds showed Castile with his shirt soaked in blood as she pleaded with the officer. Her young daughter was riding in the back seat of the vehicle.

“I wanted everybody in the world to see what the police do and how they roll,” she said.

See the whole video at CNN.


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