Crucial Victory

British woman wins legal battle to give birth to her own grandchild


A 60-year-old woman who wanted to honor her deceased daughter’s last wish by using her frozen eggs to give birth to her own grandchild, won an important legal victory in Britain’s Court of Appeals last week. The woman’s daughter passed away of bowel cancer at the age of 28, and had made it clear that she wanted her mother, whose identity has not been made public, to carry her baby and raise her child. When the mother — known only as Mrs. M — tried to transfer the eggs from London to a fertility clinic in New York, however, she was blocked by a government agency, “The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority,” which ruled that the daughter had not given her informed consent. The agency said it would review the case now in light of the decision by the court, which found “sufficient evidence of Mr. and Mrs. M.’s daughter’s true wishes” for her mother to give birth to and raise her own grandchild.

The authority said it had based its initial decision to block the transfer of the eggs solely on the issue of informed consent, as there is no age-limit to implant eggs in Britain and any ethical questions regarding a woman giving birth to her own granddaughter were not within the group’s scope. “I want you to carry my babies. I didn’t go through the I.V.F. to save my eggs for nothing,” the court quoted the daughter as saying. “I want you and Dad to bring them up. They will be safe with you. I couldn’t have wanted for better parents. I couldn’t have done without you.”

Read the full story at The New York Times.


Woman, 54, gives birth to her own granddaughter

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