“Sports Illustrated” article referenced Caitlyn Jenner using male pronouns

(Sports Illustrated)

Last week, Sports Illustrated published a longform piece on Caitlyn Jenner’s incredible gold medal performance in the men’s decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympic Games, and, in doing so, made extensive use of male pronouns and Jenner’s previous name, Bruce. While the magazine did disclaim that they had talked with Jenner and gotten permission to refer to her by her former name and gender for the article, Cyd Zeigler, founder of, an online magazine that covers LGBT issues in sports, argues that constantly referring to Jenner by her former gender was insensitive to other trans people, too.

“Whether Jenner understands it or not,” Zeigler writes, “countless trans people see the treatment of her former name and gender and cringe.” Instead, Zeigler says, Sports Illustrated should have referred to Jenner by her current name and gender in the article and used the disclaimer to explain that they had done so. Given the high rate of suicide among trans people, Zeigler notes, a little sensitivity can go a long way.

Read the full story at Outsports.


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