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Slur against Theresa May inspires #Bloodydifficultwoman Twitterstorm


British conservative politician Ken Clarke, 76, inspired a Twitterstorm of support of Theresa May after he was caught on camera describing her as “bloody difficult.” May is one of two female candidates in the running to become the next British prime minister when David Cameron steps down, and currently is a favorite for the position.

#Bloodydifficultwoman was soon trending on the social media platform, as women (and some men) expressed their support for May and derision for Clarke’s apparent misogyny, declaring their sympathies for “bloody difficult women.”

Musing about the contest for leadership of the Conservative party, longtime lawmaker Clarke was filmed saying to former foreign minister Malcolm Rifkind, “Theresa is a bloody difficult woman but you and I worked for Margaret Thatcher. She won’t be any more difficult than that.”

Clarke was waiting to be interviewed on Sky News and it is unclear if he was aware he was being recorded. He did conceded that he “[gets] on alright with her and she is good” but was concerned May “doesn’t know much about foreign affairs.” Below is a sample of some of the reactions posted on Twitter:


Asked by Women in the World founder Tina Brown at the London Summit last October if she cared what others thought of her, May said it was “easy to say things in order to be liked. It is much harder to do something that won’t be liked but because it is right. I try to do the right thing and what I believe on whatever issue.”

Watch Theresa May interviewed by Tina Brown at the Women in the World London Summit:

Read the full story at The Sydney Morning Herald.



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