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Farewell, Lois Lane: “Superman” star Noel Neill passes away at the age of 95

BURBANK, CA - AUGUST 16: 'Superman's' Noel Neill (Lois Lane) appears at the First Official TV Land Convention at the Burbank Airport Hilton on August 16, 2003 in Burbank, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

The Daily Planet lost its best reporter this weekend. Noel Neill, the actress who played the journalist Lois Lane in Superman, the movie and television series in the 1950s, died at the age of 95 on Sunday. Neill starred in the show and movie opposite George Reeves, who played Superman and Clark Kent, Lois Lane’s colleague at the newspaper The Daily Planet.

According to The New York Times, Neill had experience with the newspaper world before taking on the famed journalism role. Neill’s father was an editor of The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, and her mother a former dancer and singer. Neill acted in 40 films before taking on the iconic role of Lois Lane at the age of 28, and a statue of Lois Lane that was modeled after her now stands in Metropolis, Ill., near the Superman museum.

Neill mostly gave up acting after the Adventures of Superman TV show was canceled. She worked in public relations and for United Artists, including handling fan mail for actor Tom Selleck. But in the 1970s, as the TV series was rediscovered by a new generation, Neill became renowned once again for the role and began to appear at fan conventions and in camera parts in later Superman films and TV shows.

Read the full obituary at The New York Times.

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