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Julia Sardella and the coaches in Marseille, France. (Vincent Capman/Paris Match via Getty Images)

Go fish

Mermaid lessons delight in France

By WITW Staff on July 4, 2016

Ever dream of forever frolicking under the sea? Love coconut bras and don’t eat fish? You may want to meet Julia Sardella, a pilates enthusiast with a unique side gig — teaching girls, and sometimes their mothers, how to be mermaids.

After four years as a performer in a Las Vegas show featuring acrobatics and aquatics, Sardella decided to share her underwater expertise with others. Last year, her intro course in mermaiding at a hotel in Marseille, France, boasted about 500 students.

Not only do her budding mermaids get to shimmy in the water in colorful tails and monofins, the activity is “great for your abdominals,” Sardella told The New York Times.

The main maid hopes to expand her schools to Monaco and Paris.

Read the full story at the New York Times.


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