Rape culture

Women’s rights activists blasted for taking selfie with alleged rape victim


A photo of women’s rights advocates in India taking a selfie with the victim of an alleged gang rape and posting the photo on Twitter has drawn widespread outrage on social media. Dr. Somya Gurjar and Suman Sharma of the Rajasthan Commission for Women visited the alleged victim this week to find out more about an incident in which she was raped by her husband and his brothers and then tattooed with expletives on her arms and forehead because she didn’t give the men a sum of money they had demanded as a dowry. The rape itself caused outrage in India and drew the attention of the Commission for Women.

But when the two women visited with the victim and snapped a selfie in which they were holding her arms up, showing off the tattoos, they were taken to task over their insensitivity. Some are demanding that the two women resign from their positions.


Read the full story at Indian Express.


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