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File photo. REUTERS/Michaela Rehle

Blood sport

People react with pure outrage to documentary “The Women Who Kill Lions”

By WITW Staff on June 30, 2016

Female hunters who proudly pose next to their big game kills, including majestic lions and giraffes, are the scorn of some internet users after viewers of the British documentary “The Women Who Kill Lions” let loose their outrage on social media.

The disdain was launched at hunters such as Rebecca Francis, who said in the documentary that she is a true conservationist who puts time and money toward protecting wildlife, but that she loves to hunt. Olivia Opre, a Montana mom who hunts and has decorated her home with trophies from her hunting, said she has also received waves of angry messages online, sometimes thousands a day, from animal lovers who disagree with what she does. She has been called a “Bambi-killer” and threatened by angry internet users, but says she is also a conservationist who finds that hunting is a “spiritual” practice.

“I’m tired of hearing the words ‘trophy hunter’,” she told The Telegraph. “We’re helping to preserve wildlife; we hunt lions because we want to see populations of wildlife continue to grow.”

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