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French President Francois Hollande delivering a speech (STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Rare move

French President Francois Hollande endorses Hillary Clinton

By WITW Staff on June 30, 2016

In a rare move, sitting French President Francois Hollande has endorsed Hillary Clinton, warning that electing Donald Trump would be dangerous, and “complicate relations between Europe and the U.S.” He made the announcement in an article published in the French newspaper Les Echos, writing that “the best thing the Democrats can do is to get Hillary Clinton elected.” It is unusual for foreign leaders to make explicit endorsements in U.S. elections, but Hollande is facing a tough presidential election next year, where he will likely be challenged by far-right Front National leader Marine Le Pen. In the Op-Ed, he appears to draw a parallel between Trump and LePen, as well as other anti-immigrant populist politicians on the continent. Writing that Trump’s slogans “are barely different from the extreme right in Europe and in France,” he accuses the presumptive Republican nominee of inciting “fear of waves of immigrants, the stigmatization of Islam, the questioning of representative democracy,” as well as “the denunciation of elites,” even though the wealthy businessman is actually “the most obvious representation” of the elitism he criticizes.

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