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Karenna Gore, daughter of then-Democratic Presidential candidate Al Gore, addresses the Democratic National Convention at the Staples Center 16 August 2000 in Los Angeles, California. (ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images)

Pipeline protest

Al Gore’s daughter Karenna arrested in Boston

By WITW Staff on June 30, 2016

Karenna Gore, the daughter of former vice president and presidential candidate Al Gore, was arrested in Boston on Wednesday along with 22 others after protesting a local gas pipeline project. Gore, 42, and a number of other protesters showed up at the site of Spectra Energy’s West Roxbury Lateral pipeline project, the construction of which is well under way. Gore was one of several people who climbed down into a trench and refused to move for more than two hours. Video footage taken at the scene showed Gore crouched down in the trench. The demonstrators staged a symbolic mass grave scene to oppose the pipeline, which will carry fracked gas.

Gore, the director of the Center for Earth Ethics at Union Theological Seminary, also posted photos from the scene of herself and other demonstrators lying in the pipeline trenches on her Twitter feed.

Eventually, firefighters came and forcibly removed Gore and the other demonstrators, who were then arrested. Some have been charged with disturbing the peace and others with resisting arrest, a spokesperson for the protest organizers told The Associated Press.

Award-winning documentarian Kori Feener was behind the camera, shooting footage of Gore protesting in the pipeline trench. On Thursday morning, she posted a message on Twitter, saying, “See my footage of: VP’s Daughter Karenna Gore Arrested in the Trenches of a Climate Protest.”

Gore was released on bail and is set to be arraigned on Friday. She spoke out Thursday on a local Boston-area TV show and said that she was proud to be involved in the demonstration, that also included many clergy members — even if it meant being arrested. She said the pipeline project is unpopular with locals, and that lawmakers ignored the public’s concerns over the project and green lit it anyway.

“We wanted to — in the tradition of nonviolent civil disobedience — draw attention and call for [officials] to do the right thing.” Gore said the project doesn’t even come close to meeting climate change standards and represents a threat to the environment. “We need to shake up the system,” Gore said. “It’s not working.” See footage from the protest and watch Gore’s complete interview below.

Of course, she is not the first Gore child to have a brush with the law, though her arrest comes for a far more noble cause that her father likely would approve of. Back in 2007, her younger brother All Gore III was arrested by police for hitting speeds of 100 miles per hour in a Toyota Prius on a California freeway. Gore III was also charged with drug possession after officers searched his car and discovered a small amount of marijuana along with prescription drugs including Valium, Xanax, Vicodin, Adderall, and Soma. He pleaded guilty that year and agreed to complete a drug rehab program.