2 Women in the World honorees collaborate to fight obesity & diabetes in D.C.

Ting Shih at Women in the World 2015.

Two female entrepreneurs who have been honored onstage at the Women in the World Summit in New York City found that they had a lot in common when it came to their interests in helping to change the world.

Lauren Shweder Biel, the founder of the farmer’s market system D.C. Greens, and Ting Shih, a computer scientist who builds health service technology, were both honored with the Toyota Mother of Invention Award at previous Women in the World summits, where they also met face to face. The two began talking about how their interests and skill sets matched up. Now, they have teamed up to help expand access to fresh fruit and vegetables for D.C. residents who use food stamps by building a tech platform that allows Shweder Biel to gather and analyze data more quickly. The program will give each member of DC Produce Plus and the Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program a membership card, which they can use to redeem food at markets around the city. The cards will reduce wait time for customers and allow administrators to gather data on the program, according to Forbes.

Lauren Shweder-Biel at Women in the World, 2014.

Lauren Shweder Biel at Women in the World, 2014.

“With our app, we can see that some shoppers are traveling across the city because nothing is nearby. So I can tell a farmer that it will be profitable to set up shop in a low-income neighborhood that they have previously written off.  And I would have the data to back it up,” Shweder Biel said.

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