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Nation’s first transgender candidates to run for Congress are both named Misty

Misty K. Snow (Facebook)

According to unofficial primary returns, 30-year-old Misty K. Snow of Salt Lake City has won a landslide victory in Utah’s Democratic primary, making Snow the first transgender nominee from a major party to run for a U.S. Senate seat. With another transgender woman, Misty Plowright, claiming the Democratic nomination in Colorado’s 5th house District on Tuesday, the two will share the honor of being the first transgender candidates from major parties to run for Congress.

Misty Plowright (Facebook)

Misty Plowright (Facebook)

Snow, who began living openly as a woman in October 2014, appears to have beat out Democratic rival Jonathan Swinton, a self-described conservative Democrat, by more than 20 points with a campaign inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders’s insurgent presidential bid. Snow, who works as a cashier at a grocery store and hasn’t gone to college, largely ignored the question of gender during the campaign. Instead, Snow focused on how to create opportunities for other working-class people — calling for a $15 per hour minimum wage, legalized marijuana, and free or reduced tuition for higher education.

Running against incumbent Republican Senator Mike Lee will be a tough battle for Snow in heavily conservative Utah — a poll conducted by The Salt Lake Tribune in June found Lee with a 51 to 37 percent advantage. Misty Plowright of Colorado will also face an uphill climb — according to Politico, Colorado’s 5th District is the most conservative in the state.

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