Kickstarter funded documentary asks women why they hate their bodies


As part of her work combating what she calls “a global epidemic of body hating,” Australian filmmaker Taryn Brumfitt’s new film, Embrace, chronicles the mother of three traveling around the world asking women a simple but powerful question: “Why do so many women hate their bodies?”

In 2010, Brumfitt says, she was sick of the way her body looked after giving birth to three kids. She had decided to get a tummy tuck and breast augmentation, but realized a few weeks before the procedure that she couldn’t go through with it. “I had an epiphany,” Brumfitt recalled. “If I go through with this, what am I saying to my daughter about body image? … How am I going to encourage her to accept and love her body when I am standing in front of her with a surgically enhanced body?”

Despite deciding against the surgery, Brumfitt’s disgust with her body persisted. She entered a bodybuilding competition for which she dieted and embarked on a monthslong training regimen. But as she paraded her hard fought form on stage at the 2012 INBA bikini contest, she found she still felt ugly. “I discovered then that it’s not about how I look but more about how I feel,” Brumfitt said. Months later, Brumfitt posted a before-and-after photo showing herself at the bodybuilding contest as the “before” image. The “after” image was a photo of herself post-birth — overweight, but healthy and smiling.

The post went viral, and, soon after, Brumfitt launched a Kickstarter project for Embrace, a documentary aimed at encouraging women to “accept themselves as they are.” The project garnered over 8,000 donors and $200,000 in donations. Embrace premiered in Sydney on June 12, featuring interviews with women such as Harnaam Kaure, a woman best known as the “bearded dame,” and actress and TV host Ricki Lake, who admitted she had “no idea what [it] would feel like” to not worry about her weight. Watch the trailer for the film below.

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