British politician Angela Eagle emerges as potential leader amid Brexit aftermath

Former Shadow Business Secretary & First Secretary of State Angela Eagle on College Green, in Westminster on June 27, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

As the fallout continues from the United Kingdom’s vote last week to leave the European Union, a female politician in the country’s left-leaning Labour party has emerged as one of the top contenders to lead the nation going forward. Angela Eagle, a Member of Parliament, resigned Monday from her post as a cabinet member for the Labour party’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn, saying that Corbyn had failed to do enough to convince voters around the U.K. to stay in the E.U. and blaming him, in part, for the Brexit vote.

“Too many of our supporters were taken in by right-wing arguments and I believe this happened, in part, because under your leadership the case to remain in the E.U. was made with half-hearted ambivalence rather than full-throated clarity,” she told Corbyn.

Earlier Tuesday, Corbyn lost a confidence vote from his party by a devastating margin of 172 to 40, but quickly said the vote was nonbinding and he didn’t plan to resign, according to Al Jazeera. Other Labour party members are now urging Eagle to challenge Corbyn’s leadership, according to The Guardian.

The decision over who will lead England’s major parties following the Brexit vote is critical. The country could face a general election in the coming year that could help determine how the U.K. proceeds following the referendum, and Corbyn, Eagle, or another Labour leader could be left to make the case to voters to put the Labour party in power instead of the current ruling party, the Conservative party, and its presumptive leader, Boris Johnson, who supported the Leave campaign.

Read the full story at The Independent and The Guardian.


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