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Maine’s first lady takes summer job to supplement husband’s income

Maine college students back home with mom and dad for the summer just got a little competition for seasonal employment from none other than the state’s first lady. Ann LePage, wife of Governor Paul LePage, made headlines over the weekend after word got out that she’d landed a summer job waiting tables at a dockside eatery called McSeagull’s. Mainers are more accustomed to seeing her alongside her husband at political events or carrying out first lady duties, and in many cases, aren’t even recognizing LePage, 58, when she approaches a table to take orders.

So, why is Maine’s first lady waiting tables for the summer? “Oh honey, it’s all about the money,” she told a local reporter from WGME when asked. LePage said she’s saving the haul she earns this summer — which could top out at an average of around $28 per hour — so she can buy a new car. Money is no doubt somewhat tight in the LePage household. Her husband is the lowest-paid governor in the nation, earning an annual salary of $77,000. No word on whether he’s planning to get a summer job, too.

Read the full story at NBC News.

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