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Nike recalls Wimbledon women’s tennis dress that’s too revealing

By WITW Staff on June 24, 2016

Nike has recalled a Wimbledon tennis dress after facing a backlash of criticism from female players competing on the famed British courts. The Nike Premier Slam dress was touted by the company as having a “light, airy body,” but apparently didn’t cover quite enough of the players’ bodies to actually allow them to play comfortably. The pleated dress was also advertised as being “ideal” for layering over shorts or tights. But this week, Britain’s Katie Boulter had to use a hairband as a belt to keep the dress in place, while Lucie Hradecka wore knee-length leggings beneath her dress.

At least 20 women are paid to wear Nike during the tournament, including Serena Williams, who plans to wear her own version of the dress that is less revealing. According to The Daily Mail, Nike notified players that they needed to make a very important change to the dress this week and asked them to bring the dresses back to the Nike Wimbledon House.

Wimbledon’s rules say that in addition to tournament clothing being “almost entirely white,” that “common standards of decency are required at all times.”

Read the full story at The Washington Post.


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