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(Emily Berl/The New York Times)

Gig economy

West Coast gets new women-only ride-hailing app

By WITW Staff on June 22, 2016

See Jane Go, a ride-hailing service exclusively for female drivers and passengers, was launched officially in the greater Los Angeles area on Tuesday. The company offers a service similar to Safeher (previously known as Chariot for Women, which launched in Boston earlier this spring. It was founded by William Jordan, who came up with the idea after having a discussion with his daughters about safety and personal comfort when it comes to using or working for services like Uber or Lyft. Using focus groups, the company found that women would use a service like See Jane Go “all day long” if it wasn’t excessively slower or more expensive than other services. CEO Kimberly Toonen said that she was surprised to learn that only about a quarter of drivers for those services are women, claiming there was a clear business opportunity there. Women who want to become drivers for See Jane Go have to pass criminal background checks and a driving history review before being brought on board.  “We want to emphasize the fact that women, by the nature of the sharing economy, have largely been excluded,” Tooney told TechCrunch. “This is an opportunity to participate in the gig economy. We’re creating a community of women helping women to achieve goals, whether they’re personal or professional.”

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